The Complete Checklist to Packing for Long-Term Storage Rentals

So, you’ve decided to secure a storage unit for the long term. Whether you’re embarking on an extended trip, downsizing, or just looking for a way to declutter, a storage rentals are a fantastic solution. However, before you start moving your belongings in, you need to ensure they’re properly prepared to withstand the test of time. Especially for first-time self storage tenants, the packing and prepping phase can be overwhelming.

But don’t fret! We’ve got you covered with this comprehensive checklist that will guide you through different organization and safety tips. Let’s dive in.

The Ultimate Checklist for Moving into Storage Rentals

1. Inventory and Documentation

  • List Everything You Will Be Storing: Before you pack anything, make a detailed inventory of all items you intend to store. This will create an easy reference when you go looking for certain belongings later.
  • Take Photos: Photograph each item, especially valuables, to have a visual record of its condition.

2. Clean Everything

  • Furniture: Clean and vacuum upholstery to get rid of excess dirt and dust. Polish wood and metal parts.
  • Appliances: Ensure they’re clean, defrosted, and dry. A moisture-absorbing product can help prevent mold inside.
  • Clothing: Wash or dry clean. Consider vacuum-sealed bags to save space and prevent moisture-related damage.

3. Choose the Right Packing Supplies

  • Boxes: Opt for sturdy, uniform-sized boxes for easy stacking.
  • Protective Material: Use bubble wrap, foam, or newspaper to protect delicate items.
  • Tape and Markers: Seal boxes securely and label each one with its contents and handling instructions.

Stop into our office on Marion Waldo Road to stock up on sturdy supplies before you begin storing!

4. Protect Against Moisture and Pests

  • Desiccants: Use moisture absorbers like silica gel packets to keep dampness at bay.
  • Pest Repellents: Cedarwood blocks or mothballs can deter pests. Check that they’re safe for the items you’re storing.

5. Pack Smartly

  • Heavy Items First: When stacking both your boxes and your storage unit, place heavy items or boxes at the bottom and lighter ones on top.
  • Leave Aisles in the Storage Unit: For easy access to all the stored items in your items, leave a small pathway between stacks that is large enough for you to navigate through.
  • Fragile Items: Ensure valuables are adequately cushioned and clearly marked as “fragile.”

6. Disassemble Furniture and Equipment

  • Save Space: Taking apart items can conserve space and protect them from damage.
  • Organize Hardware: Put screws, bolts, and other small parts in labeled bags attached to the main piece.

7. Preparing Electronics

  • Back-Up Data: Before storing devices like computers or tablets, back up essential data.
  • Remove Batteries: Batteries can corrode over time, potentially damaging your electronics. It is best to take them out of your items if you are planning to leave them for a long period of time.

8. Store Artwork and Photos Carefully

  • Flat Storage: Store paintings, prints, and photos flat, using acid-free materials.
  • Avoid Stacking: If possible, don’t stack artwork. If you must, use padding in between each piece.

9. Think Temperature Control

  • Sensitive Items: Materials like wood, leather, and paper can be affected by temperature changes. Consider a temperature-controlled unit if storing such items. You can talk over your storage needs with an expert from Marion Self Storage if you are unsure about the amenities you need for your belongings.

10. Storage Protection

  • Safety First: Even with the best preparations, unexpected events can occur. At Marion Self Storage, we require that you have a protection plan when storing with us—either providing your own or purchasing one of our plans.

Resources to Make Storage Rentals Simple

Long-term storage rentals require a bit of prep work to ensure your belongings remain in prime condition. By following this checklist, first-time storage tenants can have peace of mind, knowing they’ve taken every step to protect their valuables. See how else Marion Self Storage can support you through the storage process!

In addition to valuable storage expertise and community guides, our website provides tools like a storage unit size guide and FAQ to ensure you have all the information you need before renting. When you are ready to pick out your storage unit, look through our available indoor storage options online for a solution that will fit your budget. Finding self storage close by has never been easier!

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Katie Mest